The Evangelical Persecution Complex – The Atlantic

It’s five years old, but there are some fascinating insights in this piece by Alan Noble, assistant professor of English at Oklahoma Baptist University, into why evangelicals sometimes become irate and reflexively self-victimise when prevented from being discriminatory towards others.

[S]uffering in life is not a sign that God has abandoned the faithful, or that the Gospel is not the truth. This is a radical thing about Christ, and, coincidentally, the reason why Nietzsche called Christianity a “slave morality”: Christ’s suffering on the cross is an inversion of worldly conceptions of success and power. His model is of sacrifice and selflessness—persecution is a constituent part of his divinity, not a sign that he was defeated.

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We’re Not Here To Eat Your Babies



I was asked on a public question-and-answer forum recently (and somewhat plaintively):

Why do people always associate atheism with evil? Recently moved to a Protestant community, and you’d think I was burning upside-down crosses over here.

As an atheist, I can empathise, although living in a relatively secular part of the world, I’m fortunate in not having to deal with rampant, pervasive religiosity.

There’s a meme floating around that says:

You don’t need religion to have morals. If you can’t determine right from wrong, then you lack empathy, not religion.

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Idiocracy’s Advent


When asked during her confirmation hearing of January 17th as to whether she still believes in conversion therapy, Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Education Secretary, side-stepped the allegation inherent in the question by claiming all students “no matter their age, should be able to attend a school and feel safe”.

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Gordon Klingenschmitt: American Gays Are Like ISIS, Metaphorically Throw Christians Off Rooftops

This is a good one.

The sheer, barefaced egregiousness of the man’s blatant self-victimisation had my jaw hitting the lino.

I would ordinarily be tempted to call him delusional, or perhaps call what he’s doing confabulation, but I suspect he knows exactly what he is doing, and that is speaking to others’ ignorance, and making an appeal to those who suffer from selectively amnesiac bigotry.

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Unravel: Homophobic Relapse in the House of Trump

Despite Donald Trump’s post-electoral pledge of being a “president for all Americans”, things look decidedly unsettling for the LGBT community, right now. Granted, he only said he would a be president for all Americans. He never at any point intimated that he would be a president anyone would like, a fact that likely hasn’t gone unnoticed. Continue reading