The Persistent Pain of Family Estrangement


The subject article that appeared in the online edition of Psychology Today really resonated with me, so if you’ve been following any of my blog posts at all, you can probably empathise with the almost desperate alacrity with which I jumped at the chance to write a bit about something other than farcically dysfunctional politicking (#ThanksObama). The added bonus, of course, was that so (too) many people come from similarly unpleasant backgrounds, so in addition to the evident cathartic aspect, the simple fact of sharing one’s experiences and insights can at the very least foster a sense of solidarity, and at best, help someone else gain a different perspective, and perhaps even some food for thought or techniques for self-help. Continue reading


Freedom Fry


The foam-flecked outrage evidenced in various column inches and online comment sections following entertainer and activist Stephen Fry’s interview1 last week with Dave Rubin for the “Rubin Report” has set tongues wagging almost as much as Fry’s comments themselves. For context, during the course of his interview with Continue reading