This is my debut blogging offering (would that be a “bloffering”?), which I suppose I am defining as:

  1. (noun) public outlet for one’s private thoughts and feelings, for when the scrutiny and outrage of one’s nearest and dearest is simply insufficient; masochism writ large;
  2. (noun) internet-based diary for the sharing of one’s observations, with the goal of hopefully fostering a modicum of interest, if not discussion.

I am interested in culture and the humanities in the broadest sense, and post about items of headline interest – although from a distinctly if not explicitly secular, humanist, atheist perspective – to which I occasionally (admittedly not systematically) try to apply and supply rational, critical commentary. I am not a philosopher, so all are welcome to point out flaws in my reasoning. It is all, ultimately, a learning experience.

My interests extend to studies of antiquity in general, to languages, psychology, philosophy, religions, mythologies, and to advances in knowledge of any sort. There will also be a goodly number of “random observation” posts, and passers-by are welcome to check out my Twitter feed, to see what is currently piquing my curiosity (or outrage – or derision).

Speaking for myself, but: I look forward to it.



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