Gordon Klingenschmitt: American Gays Are Like ISIS, Metaphorically Throw Christians Off Rooftops

This is a good one.

The sheer, barefaced egregiousness of the man’s blatant self-victimisation had my jaw hitting the lino.

I would ordinarily be tempted to call him delusional, or perhaps call what he’s doing confabulation, but I suspect he knows exactly what he is doing, and that is speaking to others’ ignorance, and making an appeal to those who suffer from selectively amnesiac bigotry.

The history of the persecution of various groups by Christians is not a hidden one – attempts by Christians to suppress or curtail the civil rights of the LGBT community are in evidence to this day, in the US and elsewhere, and extend in some parts of the world to imprisonment, state-sanctioned torture, and execution.


Steven Anderson, who wishes liberals would stop curtailing his intolerance.

Con artists like Klingenschmitt can sugar-coat things with mollifying qualifiers all they like (not that they usually do: another hate preacher from the religion of love, Pastor Steven Anderson, is so outrageously OTT that he’s even been banned from several countries in Africa, countries that tend to run to the conservative, to say the least). It remains that the LGBT community has never “persecuted” Christians, nor thrown them off of roofs (even in anyone’s wildest metaphors and delusions), and that, as seen so often among Christian fundamentalists, the right to freedom of belief is conflated – often deliberately, for rhetorical effect – with the right to have a say in or control others’ lives.

In American politics right now, this pernicious strain of bigotry is on equally frank display. I’ve blogged about that elsewhere and will likely continue to do so. In the meantime, let the Klingenschmitts and the Andersons keep pretending that Christians are the ones being “persecuted” (although it could more accurately be called “having a line drawn in the sand”, or, more succinctly, “shown decency”). After all, “if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself”, whoever it was who said that. Oh. Joseph Goebbels, apparently.*

*The quotation is, in fact, misattributed to Goebbels, as there is no reliable evidence that it is actually from him. But there is nothing particularly redeeming about this; if it is not from Goebbels, then there’s a distinct possibility it is simply a paraphrase of an idea from Hitler himself.

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