Stand Down, Media. Are You There, Joe Average?

Rapes. Murders. Police shootings of blacks. Miscarriages of justice. Incitement of racism, of misogyny, of religious bigotry, of homophobic discrimination, all fuelling ethnic, sectarian, and gender tensions, which in turn stimulate the aforementioned incitement. Children killing children. Porn-addled priests.

The list goes on, and there’s hardly any getting away from it, barring temporarily pulling the plug – the self-inflicted lobotomy of the permanently connected age. Half a world away, my social media newsfeeds have become horrifically toxic, straining under the unwelcome weight of American-flavoured availability heuristics.

Basically, from my European vantage point, the message I’m getting is that the US is a broken, institutionally racist, de facto Christian theocracy of white privilege-enjoying racists and trigger-happy “law enforcement” officers, presided over by superannuated and morally questionable politicians, judges and clergymen.

Almost as if it’s the “home of the brave”, because one needs bravery of heroic proportions just to survive there. And yet, I realise that picture is very skewed. Not to detract from obvious criminal incidents and occasional high-profile systemic failures to deliver justice, but balanced reporting this most certainly is not, since I guess good news is not newsworthy.

Slow handclap to the news outlets, then, both in the US and elsewhere, for perpetuating a deviancy amplification spiral that extends nationwide and beyond, and let’s spare a thought for the thoroughly decent Mr. and Mrs. Joe Average, downgraded into inconsequentiality by a ratings-addicted media, witnessing all this from close quarters, appalled.

Mini-jeremiad off.


One comment on “Stand Down, Media. Are You There, Joe Average?

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