Presidential Progress

So this showed up in one of my social media feeds, today.

While the historical momentousness for the United States of Hillary Rodham Clinton winning the presidential race is obvious (as much as would be the historical catastrophe of a Trump victory, but that’s not the topic of this post), the cynic in me, at least in reaction to this cartoon, called my mind back to a Gallup poll carried out in 2007,1 on the relative desirability of Continue reading


Milo Yiannopoulos: Psychology of an Internet Troll

Weighing in somewhat belatedly on the Milo Yiannopoulos / Leslie Jones feud, and Milo’s subsequent banishment from the Twittersphere, I thought it worth hammering out my view, although it seems the dust from this particular twister has largely settled.

For the sensible ones who are unaware of any of this: Leslie Jones is a black American actress who stars in the latest, all-female Ghostbusters film. Milo Yiannopoulos is a conservative Greek-British journalist, Breitbart contributor, entrepreneur, and self-described ‘most fabulous super-villain on the internet’,1 who regularly takes to social media to air grotesquely

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The Mental Advantages of the Multilingual Mind | Aspen Ideas Blog


An interesting take (or a reminder, for those who are lucky enough to share the skill) on what we already know and suspect: the advantages to bilingualism (or indeed, multilingualism) are not just ‘out there’, of benefit in economic or cultural terms, but have an effect ‘in here’ as well, in conferring cognitive advantages that our monolingual peers lack.

(Photo Credit: istockphoto) Christopher Livaccari is an educator who is currently Chinese program director and elementary school principal at International School of the Peninsula and the senior a

Source: The Mental Advantages of the Multilingual Mind | Aspen Ideas Blog