Mary Lou Bruner and the Shame of Education

Apologies in advance for my laziness, but rather than footnoting directly, every hair-raising thing I have read about this ghastly lady, I include in my references/bibliography, below.


When you have freedom of expression without the mitigating

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Neil deGrasse Tyson and the Secular Magi


Giving science a greater platform can never not be a good thing, but the author here displays a curious reticence at situating Neil deGrasse Tyson contextually, and at providing a fuller picture of what he achieves, and what he’s up against.

He and others like him (Lawrence Krauss and Bill Nye, to name but two) are

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Iain Lee sanctioned by the BBC after anti-bigotry tirade


Something of a furore has broken out over a broadcaster’s interview of November last year, on a local BBC UK radio station. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate: the furore broke out last November, but it has recently been reignited, following Continue reading

“The state of gun violence in the US” (Vox video)

Great clarity and perspective.

The only shortcoming for me here is that this account is purely statistical, and doesn’t give even a passing mention to the demagogic profiteering of the pro-gun lobby, or to the wilful misinterpretation by lobbyists of the Second Amendment as a pretext for said profiteering, which is in turn accepted unquestioningly by a credulous public.

But I suppose the video aims to be descriptive rather than prescriptive, and as such, it’s very informative.