The Evangelical Persecution Complex – The Atlantic

It’s five years old, but there are some fascinating insights in this piece by Alan Noble, assistant professor of English at Oklahoma Baptist University, into why evangelicals sometimes become irate and reflexively self-victimise when prevented from being discriminatory towards others.

[S]uffering in life is not a sign that God has abandoned the faithful, or that the Gospel is not the truth. This is a radical thing about Christ, and, coincidentally, the reason why Nietzsche called Christianity a “slave morality”: Christ’s suffering on the cross is an inversion of worldly conceptions of success and power. His model is of sacrifice and selflessness—persecution is a constituent part of his divinity, not a sign that he was defeated.

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We’re Not Here To Eat Your Babies



I was asked on a public question-and-answer forum recently (and somewhat plaintively):

Why do people always associate atheism with evil? Recently moved to a Protestant community, and you’d think I was burning upside-down crosses over here.

As an atheist, I can empathise, although living in a relatively secular part of the world, I’m fortunate in not having to deal with rampant, pervasive religiosity.

There’s a meme floating around that says:

You don’t need religion to have morals. If you can’t determine right from wrong, then you lack empathy, not religion.

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He Taketh Away


I live in a small village, on the northern shore of quite a big lake. This is prime Central/Western European wine country. The river Rhône flows through the lake. At times, when the lake is still, you can see the Rhône’s current, rippling lengthwise down the lake’s midsection. If you’re a swimmer and out far enough, you can pass from the cool of the lake to the glacial chill of the river running through it, reminding you of its birthplace, high up in the Swiss Alps.

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Problem-solving, Non-US style


Credit: Mark Baker/AP

In the wake of the recent, tragic mass shooting by an Australian white supremacist terrorist in Christchurch, New Zealand, and the resolve, voiced by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Attorney General David Parker, to drastically tighten gun laws, there has been a predictable outpouring of defiance and incredulity from across the Pacific, the Second Amendment zealots presumably seeing in such pragmatism an erosion of their constitutional rights to totemise their collective fear responses, and to hell with the consequences.

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Suffering in Silence: The Men Who Receive Narcissistic Abuse from Women


Image credit: Getty Images/Digital Vision

In my case, I had worked in a well-known bank for some eight years and in a variety of functions. My latest position had been my favourite and the most rewarding, but we had recently experienced some staff turnover,

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